A Dip for the Ages

Since 2008, “Buying on the Dip” has been a winning strategy for many investors.

Buying quality stocks when they “go on sale”—i.e., when the share price dips—has proven to be extremely profitable.

But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Instead, we’re publicly divulging the recipe for the unbelievable chip and veggie dip my mother “invented” in World War II when my father was stationed in Maxton, N.C. with the Army air force.

So here, for the first time ever, is the recipe for Esther’s World Famous Dip:


1 (8 oz) brick cream cheese, softened to room temp. If you are health conscious, substitute cream cheese with 1/3 less fat

1/4 cup Heinz chili sauce (4T)

1 /2 tsp McCormick’s or Lawry’s garlic salt

1 T Milk


Mix together the cream cheese and the chili sauce - using an electric hand mixer is the easiest method.

Add garlic salt and mix well.

Add milk and continue mixing until the desired consistency for dipping a crunchy chip or a veggie. If using “original” cream cheese, you may need more milk for a creamy texture.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Beverage Pairing Suggestions: Soft drinks; beer; Bubbly; or if you prefer wine, Beaujolais, or Rose.

Nutrition Information: Probably best not to serve to the same people more than twice a year!

Bon Appetit

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