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Ann Place

Phone: (847) 564-8330
Fax: (847) 564-3891

When you call our office, you will most likely first speak with Ann Place.

Ann’s workdays are varied and busy.

She is our Estate Planning and Real Estate Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Office Manager and Director of First Impressions. Ann is also in charge of assembling estate planning documents for client meetings. Moreover, Ann is our resident Book-Keeper, handling billing and payroll among other responsibilities too numerous to list.

Ann was also the VP in charge of Grounds, Landscaping and Indoor Plants in our former home at 1205 Shermer Road. Since the move to our current office in January of 2018, her duties in this area have shifted, as Ann is now the VP responsible for our numerous Indoor Plants. By unanimous agreement, Joe is not permitted within three feet of any of our plants, unless they are artificial.

Ann’s most important and challenging duty, however, is making sure Joe and Trish are always moving in the same direction.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate Ann's centrality to the firm's operations is this: On the morning that Ann applied for employment, she walked in to our former office holding her 6-month-old daughter in one hand, and her resumé in the other; although it is hard to believe, Ann’s daughter has already celebrated her 25th birthday.

Ann enjoys the outdoors; she is an avid gardener, golfer and hiker. In addition, in her spare time, Ann relaxes while reading novels and mysteries. She has also been known to frequent Cubs home games, although not on days that are either too cold or too hot.