Attorney’s Fees for Estate Planning

How much does it cost?

That depends upon what “it” actually is. There are as many different kinds of estate plans as there are clients who have specific goals in mind for their respective beneficiaries.

As indicated in “Becoming An Estate Planning Client,” we have a process that we utilize for all potential new clients.

Once you have completed and submitted to us our Estate Planning Questionnaire, we will review it and then call you to schedule a convenient time to have an Initial Meeting. There is no charge for our review of your Estate Planning Questionnaire, or for the Initial Meeting.

After we have met, and determined what you wish to accomplish, we will furnish you with a written fee agreement that describes the services we will furnish, the fixed total fee that we will charge, and what additional costs and expenses you may also incur, such as recording fees to record a Deed.

If you agree to go forward, we ask that you sign and return to us the written fee agreement as well as a check for one-half of the fixed total fee. Alternatively, if you choose not to go forward, at the very least you will be much better organized, and much more informed about estate planning in general.

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