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Should You Tell the Kids?

Absolutely. If you don’t tell them, how will they ever know? OK, what we are talking about here is your Estate Plan, and your Estate Planning documents! Read More
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Effect Of A Divorce On Your Estate Plan?

A divorce or annulment is one of those important “life events” that makes it absolutely imperative that you review your entire estate plan, and that you do so in light of any obligations you may have incurred under the Divorce Decree and any Prop… Read More
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Santa Fe in the Summer – Really?

Santa Fe in July and August—stifling heat, sand, desert, not much water, and maybe even some rattlesnakes—are you kidding? Our son finally convinced us that Santa Fe was not like that at all, and that we should make the trip. He was correct. On o… Read More
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Kids – Providing for the Physical Needs of Minor Children

Perhaps no other single estate planning issue is more important for parents than planning for the physical needs of their minor children. Parents often struggle with deciding who will take care of their minor children if they are unable to do so them… Read More
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Acronyms – Useful, Fun, and Sometimes Baffling

Acronyms are abbreviations formed with the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word. Our daily lives are filled with various acronyms, some of which have been around for quite a while and are familiar to everyone, and others of which a… Read More
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A Dip for the Ages

Since 2008, “Buying on the Dip” has been a winning strategy for many investors. Buying quality stocks when they “go on sale”—i.e., when the share price dips—has proven to be extremely profitable. But that’s not what we’re talking abou… Read More
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Meet Our Team

Joseph C. Johnson's Profile Image
Joseph C. Johnson is the founder of Joseph C. Johnson, P.C., and is also a co-founder and Fellow of EPICOR, an estate planning and wealth strategies collaborative. He is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and of the Chicago Estate Plannin… Read More
Patricia L. Smith's Profile Image
Patricia L. Smith joined Joseph C. Johnson, P.C. in 2016. To say that Trish is immersed in all aspects of our practice would be an understatement. She meets with Trust and Estate clients, drafts and implements estate planning documents, opens, admini… Read More
Ann Place's Profile Image
When you call our office, you will most likely first speak with Ann Place. Ann’s workdays are varied and busy. She is our Estate Planning and Real Estate Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Office Manager and Director of First Impressions. Ann is also in c… Read More