Our Trusts and Estates Brochures

Our Trusts and Estates Glossary is designed to provide brief definitions, examples and commentary, for various Trusts and Estates terms and phrases.

Our Trusts and Estates Brochures, on the other hand, are written to provide an in-depth analysis of some of the more important of these terms and phrases. For that reason, we often also provide these Brochures to the professional advisors with whom we work.

Our Trusts and Estates Brochures are available in our Waiting Room:


Fitting IRAs Into Your Overall Estate Plan


Providing for Children (of ALL AGES)

Living Trusts

What Exactly Is a Living Trust, and How Does It Work?


Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney: An Important Part of Your Overall Estate Plan, and
Powers of Attorney for Your Children


Probate, Wills, Intestacy, Estate Tax, Trusts, Attorneys Fees, and More

Beneficiaries with Special Circumstances

Minor Beneficiaries, Beneficiaries with Creditors, Addictions, Uncontrolled Behavioral Conditions, and Special Needs, and Beneficiaries Unable To Manage Assets Properly