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Mr. Johnson and his team of attorneys are highly qualified, knowledgeable and competent. They keep abreast of important changes in the law, government, our communities, and societies to better serve their clients.

– MM

It feels like you’re working with family and that Johnson has your best interests at heart.

– JA

I have nothing but the highest praise for the law office of Joseph C. Johnson, Northbrook, Illinois. They prepared and revised my Will and Trust with the utmost knowledge, professionalism, and thoroughness.

– JP

Our first encounter with the Johnson law firm was when my wife’s sister passed away with only a will drawn in another state. It took over six months to settle the estate (including probate court time) and required the approval of several people who were not even named in the will before it could be finalized.

Our new will and trust avoids all of those complications and allows immediate access to whatever assets are available to our designated survivors.

We are very happy with the expertise of this firm in establishing these documents and in the pleasant and professional manner in which Trish and Joe accomplished the outcome.

– Ron and Rose Mary

Joe Johnson has served our family for over 30 years and is now helping the next generation with their needs.

– SA

Everyone should be so fortunate as to have an attorney such as Joe Johnson. His integrity, honesty, intelligence, patience and fairness are unique! He is my (another?) “Atticus Finch”. And his new partner, Trish Smith, is of the exact same caliber.

– BC

Prior to my late wife’s and my moving from Illinois to Wisconsin Joe Johnson was our personal attorney and estate planner. Joe did a thorough and more than satisfactory job establishing sound planning for our financial future. Joe’s recommendation for us to hire a Wisconsin attorney has proven to be more than satisfactory. Joe remains high on my list as a personal friend and advisor.

– RS

In 2004 my wife and I decided it was time to hire attorney to prepare Trust agreements. A longtime friend recommended Joe Johnson. They were complex because we are a second marriage and with children involved. In addition a portion of my assets are invested in real estate. I think it took us over three months to complete the documents. Since the original documents were completed we have made many modifications to fit the changes in our lives and the revisions in the tax code. Whenever I came to Joe with suggestions he was very knowledgeable on the current changes in the law and provided me with excellent guidance. In addition to Joe, his administrative assistant, Ann is excellent. She has been with him for over 25 years and is an invaluable asset. She keeps the office very organized. In conclusion, I highly recommend Joe and his firm.

– RH

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Joseph C. Johnson is the founder of Joseph C. Johnson, P.C., and is also a co-founder and Fellow of EPICOR, an estate planning and wealth strategies collaborative. He is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and of the Chicago Estate Plannin… Read More
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Patricia L. Smith joined Joseph C. Johnson, P.C. in 2016. To say that Trish is immersed in all aspects of our practice would be an understatement. She meets with Trust and Estate clients, drafts and implements estate planning documents, opens, admini… Read More
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When you call our office, you will most likely first speak with Ann Place. Ann’s workdays are varied and busy. She is our Estate Planning and Real Estate Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Office Manager and Director of First Impressions. Ann is also in c… Read More