Our Estate Planning Questionnaires

If you have any questions about our Estate Planning Process, please call us.

We have two different types of Estate Planning Questionnaires (EPQs):

  • Fillable EPQs; and
  • Traditional EPQs

Both types of EPQ ask you to supply identical information.

However, if you have a basic understanding of computers, and if you are using either a desktop or laptop computer, the Fillable EPQs should be much easier to use and complete, as you may do so using your computer monitor and keyboard. In addition, in many cases you will be able to answer a question by selecting one of several alternative answers that are already provided, and the values you enter for your assets will be automatically totaled for each different class of asset, and then totaled again on a Summary Page.

The Traditional EPQs must first be downloaded and printed, and then completed by hand. Alternatively, we will be pleased to send you a Traditional EPQ via snail mail.

All of the EPQs can be returned to us in a variety of ways. Please choose the appropriate EPQ from the Links below.

Fillable Estate Planning Questionnaires

Traditional Estate Planning Questionnaires