Our Support Staff

Cleo, VP – Squirrel and Rabbit Surveillance Department

Cleo is short for Cleopatra, as she IS the recognized Queen of Linda and Joe’s home. Cleo takes her job as Vice President of the SARSD very seriously. When not actually patrolling the backyard, she spends immense amounts of time surveilling it from her bagel bed just inside an expansive TV-room window. Although rabbits and squirrels have not been entirely eliminated from the backyard, they now seem to appear with much more frequency in the backyards of the adjoining neighbors. Cleo is a fixture in the neighborhood, and is particularly well-known among the UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and USPS drivers.

Stella and Mocha Smith - Dynamic Duo Directors of Hospitality

Mocha and Stella believe they rule the Smith household. When not standing sentry in the front lawn, they are perfect hostesses, as they entertain every other pup and person who ventures near. Unfortunately, they also consider as friends certain 4-legged nocturnal creatures having black fur and a distinctive white stripe. Despite their early morning requests to grab their leashes and hit the trail, as well as the chewed gym shoes, homework, and occasional piece of steak missing from the dining room table, they are beloved by family and friends, and actually do rule and entertain the household.